We're excited to offer you Stretch HD for the iPhone soon! We have submitted and are waiting for approval from the powers that be at Apple! Not long now!!

Over 60 HD professionally filmed videos

Stretches for every body part, from head to toe. There are equipment-based stretches as well as the more advanced stretches. There are stretches for everyone from the sedentary office worker to the fit and active athlete.

Informative instruction screens

Stretching videos each have customised information written by a medical professional on target muscle groups, key points to ensure correct technique, and even suggested conditions the stretch may be useful for.

User-friendly, intuitive access to videos

Intuitive navigation means a wealth of stretching content is literally a swipe or a tap away! Search by categorised screenshots of body areas, or perhaps use the visually-appealing anatomical model.

Stretch by suggested area or personalise your routine

Follow suggested stretching routines for common presentations, including “Before or After Exercise” or whilst seated “At your desk”. Alternatively, save videos to “Favourites“ to create your custom routine.

Appropriate for use by the medical and sporting communities

Stretch HD is suitable for use by medical professionals and sports trainers to augment patient and client communication and outcomes. The app was developed by an Australian-trained sports physiotherapist and has a balanced mix of technical and lay terms to facilitate communication. Included stretches are suitable for all levels of ability, people with low back pain, those with postural issues at work, people recovering from injuries or post-operative rehab, and even fit athletes.

The “Share” function also allows seamless email distribution of stretches.

Stretching theory, FAQs and glossary

Understand the background behind the stretches, including:

  • Definitions and types of stretches
  • Benefits of stretching
  • Research recommendations (what should or shouldn’t you do?)
  • Helpful FAQs and glossary sections also

All supported by an extensive list of references from a body of research

Play your own music

Chill out to some relaxing music on your device while you stretch first thing in the morning. Listen to pump-up music as you stretch on game day. Or even listen to that terrible 80’s music as you stretch like no-one’s looking!