About The Founder

Karn Ghosh

Karn Ghosh is an Australian sports physiotherapist who founded SportsMed Studio to share his knowledge, experience and passion for the fields of health and sports medicine with the public and other medical professionals, by developing innovative market-leading apps.

Karn graduated from the University of Sydney with First Class Honours and was also awarded the Dean’s Scholar Medal for finishing top of his class. He works in a multi-disciplinary sports private practice treating patients from all walks of life, including athletes from a diverse range of sports. He has also provided match-day coverage to a variety of sporting events, including athletics, karate, netball, soccer and elite junior rugby union.

Outside of work his interests include CrossFit, golf, good food, and watching or playing sport.

Connect with Karn on Twitter @SportsMedStudio

Stretch HD was developed by Netprophets Cyberworks, an innovative IT company based out of Noida, India